4 Preferable Colors for Your Living Room Sofa

Talking about room décor, you are going to be given several details to think about, like types, styles, patterns, and yes, colors. Interestingly, the points are not only applied in designing the interior design as the furniture selection is also guided by them. When you have had an idea of what kind of table to be placed in your living room, what about the sofa? Although it can be replaced by ordinary chairs, but a sofa offers you more than a spot to sit comfortably and therefore it is recommended for you to have one. English, Bridgewater, Contemporary Mid-Century, sectional are some types you can think of.

best sofa color

After deciding what style to select, don’t you want to adjust the color with your room interior? It needs creativity and imagination to mix and match the color so the room and furniture can form such a harmony that makes you feel happy and comfortable to be in there. Remember, buying a sofa is a kind of investment considering it may cost you a lot, so be wise in determining the color. Moreover make sure that you buy the best sofa ( Here is a buying guide to cheap affordable sofas). Here you will see some preferable colors commonly chosen that suit almost all styles of rooms.


                White is the most neutral color which looks good when it is combined with other tones. A white sofa, no matter what the style is, is timeless. You can add any kinds and colors of accessories in there without being afraid of mismatching. But considering dirt can be really visible here, make sure to check the stain-resistance rating of the fabric and choose fabrics that are easily cleaned.


                You want a neutral look but not with the color white? Cream can be nice choice for the sofa you place, for example, in the corner of the living room. Even though it has more color than white, but a cream sofa can also be combined with bold colors, such as navy, black, and red.


                You do not have time to clean your sofa often and therefore you prefer a darker tone there. Taking brown as your sofa color is a good decision, then. Instead of black which is somehow too bold, brown offers you classic and always in style look. No matter what color dominating the room, a brown sofa will be a good friend of it.


                There are commonly two types of gray color that are preferable for a sofa: light gray and true gray. A very light gray sofa is a perfect match for warm wood tones and chalky walls. It does not look dirty easily and that becomes a plus. Meanwhile, true gray looks good when it is collaborated with jewel tones, black and white. Do not worry, gray does not give dull impression to the interior as long as you complement it well.