Specialty knives are a must if you love cooking

Kitchen knives are everywhere, in humble family kitchens, in restaurants and in expensive establishments of haute cuisine.

Families tend to use the common types of kitchen knives and sharpeners while connoisseurs of haute cuisine frequently need to use specialty knives to make food preparation easier. But not all specialty knives are confined to fancy restaurants and into the kitchen of people who just love to cook.

  • Cleavers – are a good example for a specialty knife that
    is actually rather common. Cooks use it in many kitchens to cut or hack
    through thick pieces of meat and bone. Divers use them to cut through
    lobster shells.
  • Oyster knives – may be relatively rare in land-bound
    kitchens. But wherever fishermen harvest oysters, oyster knives are not
    far behind. These handy knives come in many variations, some with long
    blades and others with short, stubby ones.

Oyster lovers can choose between at least five types of American oyster knife styles plus one French oyster knife with a short, sharp-edged blade.

  • Sashimi knives – are similar to our slicing knives used to
    slice large pieces of cooked meat. They are used to cut and slice fish.
    The western version of a Sashimi knife is the
  • Slicing knife – These knives have long blades with a
    rounded tip (contrary to the Sashimi knife). Use them to slice cooked meat
    or to cut large fish. Sushi and sashimi preparers also use slicing knives.
    These knives frequently have a Granton Edge. It consists of wide grooves
    running down both sides of the blade. They create an air cushion that
    makes slicing easier and smoother.
  • Flank and shoulder knives – are designed to cut flank
    steaks. They are also a useful tool for boning and trimming much like a
    boning knife.

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